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The Address Montgomerie Dubai Project Schedule

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With the completion of our recent capital works projects, attention shifts to another summer of course improvements. Here you can find out more about current projects and dates worth noting:

Irrigation and Cart Path Works Now Complete

The golf club has now completed its major irrigation upgrade and new cart path project. These works are a major step forward for the golf course and lay the foundation for improving the conditioning and playability of the course to a whole new level. In order to maximize the benefits of this new infrastructure, the club has a significant program of turf renovation scheduled for the upcoming summer months.

Summer Renovations

Renovation is the removal of organic matter from the soil which is essential to maintaining healthy and smooth playing surfaces. After some small disruption to the playing surface, new higher quality turf quickly re-establishes and provides a superior playing surface for months to come. The club also takes the opportunity to remove weeds and unwanted varieties of turf during the strong summer growth period as this minimizes the recovery period. Once again the objective is to promote a more uniform surface for the peak playing months.

Please note , during this period of renovation, we will be operating 9-hole closures, midweek, throughout July and August.

Landscape Enhancements

The Address Montgomerie Dubai is also currently engaged on a number of new landscape projects which will beautify our hotel and academy surrounds. There will also be a focus on several high impact areas of the golf course. These improvements not only provide an aesthetic effect – they also allow our agronomy team to more efficiently target overall resources across the entire property.

We look forward to seeing you on the fairways soon.

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